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Nichole Velez
Licensed Massage Therapist
lmt# 117361
My massage therapy career path began when I was a performer at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, where fellow performers would ask for a massage after a tough dance rehearsal. I had 'the strongest hands', they would tell me. I quickly noticed that I had the ability to help my fellow castmates, friends and family.

In 2012 I decided to leave the world of musical theatre and change career paths. I attended the Academy for Massage in San Antonio, TX where I received my training in Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage and Trigger Point Therapy. For the better part of my career I worked at a massage establishment in San Antonio as a front desk person, an assistant manager as well as a therapist. From there I was granted the position of a corporate trainer, traveling all over the country, teaching and spreading my passion for such a beneficial and natural way for healing the body. Being on the road so often made me miss being able to touch people's lives through regular massage therapy on a consistent basis. 

A lot my personal clients where just as busy, if not busier than I was, and I saw a real need to give my clients a little more convenience. Why not create a therapeutic experience in the comfort of their own home? Then came the idea of mobile massage! I would bring the therapy to my clients doorstep!
So here I am, sharing the awesomeness that is massage with you! Since starting this journey I have met a lot of interesting and inspiring people and have been able to partner with some great organizations.
Currently I balance my life with yoga (thank you Mobile Om), running, and of course regular massage!
In a session with me you can expect nothing but professionalism, education and relaxation. I want nothing more than to help heal the pain and stress you feel in your everyday life. At least for an hour or two, give yourself the time to relax, you deserve it! 
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