Want to try a Yomassage Breathing Exercise?

Curious about Yomassage? Watch the video below to find out what it’s all about PLUS try the breathing exercise to get a taste of what part of a session is like! The breathing exercise starts at about 2:10 if you want to skip ahead to the good stuff

.We are so excited to announce that we set some dates for our Yomassage classes! This month you can find us at both The Rest Stop every Wednesday at 6:30p AND Mobile Om’s Om Base on July 28th at 11:30a. Here’s a quick description and

For these sessions, Nichole will walk you through a guided Creekside Mediation that helps to promote peace and joy within. As you relax into various restorative yoga inspired postures, Nichole will provide gentle massage to help you into an even deeper state of relaxation.

Sign up for the class HERE.