A personal note: My Maternity Leave

As you already know my husband Alex and I are excited to greet a tiny new addition to our family this September! We are very excited for this amazing change to our lives and are extremely appreciative of all the support that you have shown us through these past few months of my pregnancy.

With July already in full swing, I’m sure many of you are wondering when and for how long my maternity leave will be, and what you can do for self-care while I take this much needed time to spend recovering and getting to know our new baby boy. I will begin maternity leave on Saturday September 1, 2018, and plan to be back to work Monday November 5, 2018. As I’ve mentioned to you in the past regarding injury and trauma, every body is different and every person’s recovery time can be different, so should I require more time to recover in order to provide the service you have learned to love, I will let you know!

I know self-care and receiving regular massage is an important part of your lifestyle, and I absolutely did not want to leave you in the lurch while I take my leave. I have two recommendations of highly trained and respected massage therapists that you can contact during the time I am out. Please note that their pricing and their schedule will more than likely be different than mine as they are independent of Massage Móvil. With that said, they are excited for the possibility to work with you during my absence. Please feel free to contact them via their information below:

Mary Christine Pesqueira, LMT 118579

(210) 689 – 2978


 Floyd Dixon, LMT 117388

(210) 454 – 8837


The first few months with my baby will definitely be an adjustment period, and I am looking forward to devoting my time to him. With that said, should you have any questions concerning Massage Móvil, starting September 1 through November 5, I ask that you direct them solely to our Dir. of Business Development Kathleen Velez. She can be reached by email at kathleen@massagemovil.com or phone at 210-687-5271.


Please note that this maternity leave will only impact in-home mobile massage! Our chair massage programs for companies and local business are still available!


Lastly, I want to remind you that I am currently taking appointments all the way through Sunday August 31, 2018 so please be sure to book, as I’d love to get you in before my maternity leave begins. You can book anytime via the website at www.massagemovil.com

Thank you so much for your support and understanding through this exciting time!


Nichole and Baby Alarcón