Chair massage has been found to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, improve the immune system and increase overall flexibility and circulation. What better way to show your team members or customers how much you appreciate them? Learn about a perk that will improve morale, increase productivity and give you a defining edge in recruiting and lowering turn over.

About Corporate Wellness Massage

Massage Móvil can provide a licensed massage therapist available for you at your office, business, or next event. We will bring a portable massage chair* to your place of business, aromatherapy and even relaxing spa style music to provide a true therapeutic experience for your team or customers. 

  • You choose the time, place, length of massage (typically 10-20 minutes per person), and type of massage: chair massage or table massage.

  • Massage Therapist will massage the neck, back and arms.

  • Tell us how many people will want a massage and we help you estimate how many therapists and hours will be needed.

  • Massage therapists, who are all licensed, insured and fully vetted by the Massage Mòvil team, travel to your workplace with massage chairs, massage tables, and other equipment.

  • No special preparation or clothing removal is necessary.

  • You choose the frequency from a one-time company treat, to a regular monthly or weekly employee perk.

* Table available by request.



What better way to tell your team members you appreciate their hard work and your customers you appreciate their loyalty than with a massage? These are just a few benefits to providing chair massage at your next function.

The Team

  • Promotes cooperation and collaboration
  • Increases accuracy, problem solving and project success
  • Demonstrates acknowledgement and appreciation for employees
  • Improves job satisfaction
  • Reduces absenteeism

The Individual


  • Attracts and retains top quality employees

  • Reduces the high cost of employee turnover

  • Can reduce sick time, absenteeism, and worker comp claims
  • Offers an inexpensive perk
  • Increases morale and company pride
  • Increases alertness, creative thinking and decision making

  • Relieves muscle fatigue and headaches
  • Lowers anxiety and improves sleep
  • Boosts immune system and resistance to illness



  • Wins loyalty and appreciation of valued customers and guests

  • Treats your staff so they stay in top form
  • Reduces stress at busy events with a relaxing break
  • Relieves the pressure of big days like weddings or performances


Pricing & Booking

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