Massage Móvil bases its rates on length of session, not pressure. Each massage will be customized to your specific need. The therapist will perform a pre and post consultation with you to discuss your needs and help you better achieve your wellness goals


at home massage

60 MINUTES $70

Enjoy one hour of full body relaxation, perfect for massage beginners and experts alike.


90 MINUTES $105

Get deeper relief with more time dedicated to specific areas while still tending to your whole body. 


120 minutes $140

Experience the ultimate reboot with two hours of massage therapy across all muscle groups.


therapeutic add-ons

Enhance the effects of your therapeutic massage by including an add on service to your session. All add ons are seamlessly incorporated into your massage.


aromatherapy $5

Choose from a base of lavender to calm the senses, peppermint to ease any respiratory or sinus congestion, Clove and rosemary to help boost your immune system, or lemon to help uplift and energize. 


CUPPING therapy $10

The therapist will utilize silicone or plastic cups apply it to the body by a suctioning or vacuum effect. Cupping gives a negative pressure that can loosen tight muscles, creating a deep sense of relaxation. Cupping can help to lessen pain, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, activate the Lymphatic System, and improve range of motion.


Hot stone therapy $20

The therapist will utilize heated stones throughout the massage. The heat penetrates the muscle tissue allowing the therapist to work deeper and faster. The heat will melt away tension, ease stiffness and increase circulation. Perfect for tight and tense muscles.


wellness bundles

One session is not a cure all. Stay pain free and stress free with a Wellness Bundle so you can continue your treatment on a regular basis. Wellness Bundles come in packs of 3, 4, 6 and 12 one hour sessions at a more cost effective rate. This is perfect for those committed to their self-care goals.


For Appointments or more information:

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have! Please call (210) 378-8939 or book by clicking the button below.


Corporate wellness

Learn about a  perk that will improve morale, increase productivity and give you a defining edge in recruiting and lowering turn over

We accept cash and all major credit cards only. Payment will be collected at time of service. Prices include travel and set up for addresses within a 20 mile radius of 78217. A $10 travel fee may be added for addresses outside of a 20 mile radius of 78217. The client is also responsible for any parking fees that may be applicable.

Gratuity is always appreciated but not required!